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Topics in Medieval Art in Dalmatia

Code: 71172
ECTS: 2.0
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* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
1. Introductory lecture: medieval construction concepts
2. Notkirche and notfaza: building medieval shrines upon the ruins of the Antique
3. Building over the Imperial Palace in medieval Split: the birth of a medieval city
4. Carolingian influences on the architecture of the early Middle Ages in Croatia and Dalmatia: Central buildings from the rotunda to the sextofoil
5. Westwerk (Franciscan influences on the Palatine architecture of the early middle ages)
6. The curtis problem of Croatian rulers, Klis and Bijaći
7. Royal architecture of the early middles ages: Churches with rounded buttresses
8. Basilicae geminae in antique and medieval architecture
9. Religious architecture of the early middle ages in Croatia
10. Split Archbishop Lovro and the Benedictine monasteries of Dalmatia
11. Bernard from Perugia and Buvina hinges from Split cathedral, Arpadović Cistercian architecture
12. Treguan of Florence and building the Romanic cathedral with a portal by master Radovan
13. The old chapel of St. Ivan of Trogir: Anjouvian architecture and the Gothic in Dalmacija
14. Virtus i Fortuna: Ethical/aesthetic discourse and the birth of early renaissance architecture
15. Final considerations and summary
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