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Croatian Language in Writing and Speech

Code: 185087
ECTS: 3.0
Lecturers in charge: prof. dr. sc. Anita Runjić-Stoilova
izv. prof. dr. sc. Katarina Lozić Knezović
v. lekt. dr. sc. Josipa Korljan Bešlić
v. pred. dr. sc. Helena Burić
Lecturers: Jelena Đorđević - Seminar
Take exam: Studomat

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Lecture typeTotal
Speaking exercises 15
Lectures 15
Seminar 15
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
Course objectives
The main goal of this course is to introduce students to Croatian standard orthography and orthoepy. By solving different tasks and practicing orthography and orthoepy students will improve their knowledge of correct usage of Croatian standard language, and they will be able to apply that knowledge in writing and speaking, in public and other discourses. By analyzing different language functional styles, students will become familiar with various aspects of the Croatian standard language. The main objective of this course will be achieved through teaching, practical exercises, and students' task solving.

Course enrolment requirements and entry competences required for the course:
Enrolment in 1st year of undergraduate study; completed Jezične vježbe course.

Format of instruction: lectures, independent assignments, seminars and workshops

Screening student work (the proportion of ECTS credits for each activity):
class attendance (0,5), practical training (0,5), tests (0,5), seminar essay (0,5), written exam (1)

Grading and evaluating student work in class and at the final exam: Class activity, seminars, exam, practical work

Quality assurance methods that ensure the acquisition of exit competencies: Students' activities, final questionary, exam.

Course content is broken down in detail by weekly class schedule (syllabus):
1. Croatian standard language and normativity. Work on the text.
2. Lexical standard: loanwords. Work on the text.
3. Writing and spelling words from other languages. Work on text, and orthoepic tasks.
4. Language purism. Work on the text.
5. Croatian standard language and linguistic diversity. Work on the text.
6. Croatian standard language and linguistic diversity; speaking the standard language.
7. Functional styles: journalistic and administrative. Writing a journalistic article.
8. Writing off scientific, professional, and academic papers. Work on the text.
9. Oral scientific communication. Business communication.
10. Linguistic and speak style. Metaphor, pleonasms, world order, buzzwords. Work on the text.
11. Croatian standard accent. Prosody.
12. Distribution of accents. Orthoepic tasks.
13. Nonverbal communication. Communication politeness.
14. Speech performance. Orthoepic tasks.
15. Synthesis. Exam
Learning outcomes:
  1. Hrvatska gramatika, , Barić, E. i suradnici, Školska knjiga, 2005.
  2. Pisanje znanstvenih i stručnih radova., , Gačić, M., Školska knjiga, 2012.
  3. Hrvatski pravopis, , Jozić, B. i suradnici, Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, 2013.
  4. Funkcionalni stilovi hrvatskoga standardnog jezika, , Silić, J., Disput, 2006.
  5. Hrvatski govorili, , Škarić, I., Školska knjiga, 2006.
Optional literature:
  1. Hrvatski u upotrebi: 121 lekcija za bolje ovladavanje hrvatskim jezikom, , Alerić, M., Profil knjiga, 2013.
  2. 555 jezičnih savjeta, , Blagus Bartolec, G.; Hudeček, L.; Jozić, Ž.; Matas Ivanković, I.; Mihaljević, M., Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, 2016.
  3. Normativnost i višefunkcionalnost u hrvatskome standardnom jeziku, , Frančić, A.; Hudeček, L.; Mihaljević, M., Hrvatska sveučilišna naklada, 2006.
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  12. Hrvatski naš (ne)zaboravljeni, , Težak, S., Školska knjiga, 1999.
Prerequisit for:
Enrollment :
Attended : Language exercises
2. semester
Mandatory course - Regular studij - Croatian Language and Literature
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