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Phonetics and Phonology

Code: 185079
ECTS: 4.0
Lecturers in charge: prof. dr. sc. Anita Runjić-Stoilova
Lecturers: prof. dr. sc. Anita Runjić-Stoilova - Speaking exercises
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Lecture typeTotal
Speaking exercises 30
Lectures 30
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
The aim of the course is to introduce students to one language levels - phonetics and phonology. Their intellectual skills in terms of distinguishing the basic units of language and speech will be developed. Also defining phonetics and phonology as a science, and their relationship to other scientific fields will be studied. The main objectives of the course are to master the comparative study of the theoretical framework of phonetic and phonological norms of the Croatian standard language and their application in practice (especially auditory exercises).
Course content:
1. Introduction - the course content and literature. Introduction to the course obligations and the exam. Definition of phonetics / phonology, speech / language, sound / phoneme. (2L) Tonic and atonic words. Phonetic word. (2E)(2V)
2. Definition of speech (multimedia). Communication process. (2L)
Distribution of accents in the Croatian standard language. Falling accents. (2E)
3. Speech organs. Nervous system, executive speech organs, sensory system. (2P) Rising accents (2E)
4. Acoustics phonetics: speech sound (periodic and aperiodic sound) (2L)
Falling accents in multisyllabic words (2E)
5. Articulatory phonetics: place and manner of articulation (2L)
Falling accents in multisyllabic words (2E)
6. Speech perception (2L)
Dictation (accents in isolated words) (2E)
7. Syllable (structure and distribution). Accent. Croatian accent system (2L)
Post-accentual length (2E)
8. Phonetics and phonology - phoneme. Complementary distribution. (2L)
Dictation (accents and post-accentual length). (2E)
9. Phonological system. Phoneme distribution. Allophone. Combinatorial phonetics. (2L)
Accent retraction on proclitic. (2E)
10. Assimilation as an obligatory phonological process in Croatian standard language (2L)
Alternations across the morphemes boundaries (2E)
11. Prosodic (suprasegmental) features: stress, lexical tone and intonation. (2L)
Alternation across the words boundaries. (2E)
12. Prosodic features: voice, spectrum, rhythm, rate (2P)
Assimilations (2E)
13. Orthoepic norm and dialectology. (2L)
Transcription (2E)
14. Speech disorders (2L)
Sound transcription (2E)
15. Speech organization of the text (interpretation, intonation units). (2L)
Text accentuation. (2E)
Students are required to:
- actively, regularly and constructively participate in classes (students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of lectures and 80% of exercises)
- respect the ethical and scientific principles of the higher education institution
- take the colloquium (test) and pass the written and oral part of the exam
- to be informed about the classes he / she missed with other students or in consultations with the professor
Considering the learning outcomes and students' obligations, the final grade is based on the following elements:
- passed colloquium or written exam - 30% (the passed colloquium replaces the written part of the exam)
- passed oral exam - 70%
Criteria for evaluating and grading individual elements are described in the course repository.
Learning outcomes:
  1. Povijesni pregled, glasovi i oblici hrvatskoga književnog jezika. Fonetika hrvatskoga književnog jezika, , S. Babić, D. Brozović, M. Moguš, S. Pavešić, I. Škarić, S. Težak, Zagreb: HAZU-Globus., 1991.
  2. Povijesni pregled, glasovi i oblici hrvatskoga književnog jezika. Fonologija hrvatskoga književnog jezika, , S.Babić, D. Brozović, M. Moguš, S. Pavešić, I. Škarić, S. Težak:, Zagreb: HAZU-Globus., 1991.
  3. Povijesna fonologija hrvatskoga jezika, , Moguš, M., Zagreb: Školska knjiga., 2010.
  4. Hrvatska gramatika, Poglavlja: Razvoj hrvatskoga književnoga jezika, 9-39; Fonetika i fonologija, 39-76; Povijesne jezične promjene, 601-651, Barić, E., Lončarić, M., Malić, D., Pavešić, S., Peti, M., Zečević, V., Znika, M, Zagreb: Školska knjiga., 1997.
Optional literature:
  1. Fonološki opisi hrvatskoga jezika: glasovi, slogovi, naglasci, , Jelaska, Z, Zagreb: Hrvatska sveučilišna naklada., 2004.
  2. Govorne poteškoće i njihovo uklanjanje, , Škarić, I., Zagreb: Mladost., 1988.
  3. Hrvatski govorili!, , Škarić, I., Zagreb: Školska knjiga., 2006.
  4. Asimilacije na granici fonoloških riječi unutar govorne riječi, , Runjić-Stoilova, A., Filozofaki fakultet u Zagrebu: doktorski rad., 2011.
1. semester
Mandatory course - Regular studij - Croatian Language and Literature
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